How and Where to Use Drones for Photography in Atlanta

How and Where to Use Drones for Photography in Atlanta

How and Where to Use Drones for Photography in Atlanta

Around 7 million drones are expected to fly in US skies this year with the number of commercial drones reaching 2.7 million and hobbyist drones increasing to 4.3 million. Drones have become mainstream and understandably so. Prices are falling fast, making them affordable and they can be used for a variety of purposes from military and humanitarian operations to urban planning and aerial photography. The latter is one of the most popular uses of drones making it an efficient and fun way to capture still or moving images of locations. If you’re into drones and would like to capture picturesque images of Atlanta, here’s how to go about it.

Check Federal and Local Laws Before Flying

If you are a recreational drone pilot, you are subject to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) model aircraft rules. That means you must register your drone, mark the exterior with the registration number, and fly it only for recreational purposes. In addition, you must follow safety guidelines and fly the drone at or below 400ft when in an uncontrolled or class G airspace. If you fail to follow these rules, you are liable for criminal and/or civil penalties.

For commercial drone pilots (work or business), you must be in possession of an FAA-issued Part 107 Certificate. This implies passing an initial aeronautical knowledge test and obtaining a Remote Pilot Certificate with a small Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) rating. You must also be vetted by the Transportation Security Administration.

Pack Drones Properly

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a commercial operator, you must also take precautions by packing drones correctly to avoid injuries and accidents. Drones must be secured properly when traveling. Switch off the drone, remove the batteries, and be mindful that super-powerful batteries are not allowed in your carry on luggage. Protect your equipment by packing it in a hard case or special backpack to prevent damage and carry spare batteries, a repair kit, and a car power inverter for charging.

Best Spots in Atlanta

Lake Lanier, a water reservoir located 45 minutes north of Atlanta, is one of the best places for drone photography. Popular with boaters, jet skiers, and vacationers, it is also a hosting venue for international events receiving around 10 million visitors annually. Fantastic views of the water and the greenery in the area make it an ideal spot for drone photography. Another interesting location for great drone footage is the Sweetwater Creek State Park, a 2549-acre park in east Douglas county. This tranquil area of wilderness boasts of wooded trails, fantastic rapids, fields, forests, wild flowers, and animals.

Atlanta offers safe areas where you can operate drones and capture scenic panoramas. Provided you adhere to federal and local regulations, flying drones in the area can be fun and rewarding.

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